" I am a daily life observer who captures ordinary objects and experiences. I hope to become a recorder who compiles them into visualized works with familiar things. "
My work focuses on recording the time and space that make up the world of me. It starts by closely appraising and observing the surroundings around me, and it leads me to spot the symbolic meanings that the object has retained.  All objects begin to have meanings in themselves from the moment they enter my world. It is the basis of my work to detect them, and it is my role to bring light to them, which I must achieve through my work. 
For this purpose, I use mark making and repetition on paper and glass as my recording device. These works, which can be completed by building numerous small elements such as dots, lines, and glass grains, require constant labor and time. It makes me endlessly observe and relive the object until the last mark.
There are continuously repeated movements in these tranquil and static works, and it is in line with the attitude of the life I live. Through this way of work, my time and space are accumulated and transcribed.
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